DreamStudio is a 12-week program for teens in the Bronx to learn about creating through music production, design and digital photography. Here's where we will share photos, resources and examples of our work.


Audio Production

Graphic Design


Day Twelve DFlo led us into the world of dreams with some very cool extended exposure photographing techniques. In one room we used strobe lights to create ghost effects while in the hallway we did light writing with flashlights.


Day Eleven DFlo taught the class how to take interesting portraits. We worked on framing, lighting, and getting the best out of your subject. Check out our next post to see what we made!


Students capture life at the DreamYard Art Center.

Dflo’s getting to know the class old-school style with Instax & polaroids. (You only get one shot, make it count!)

Day Ten was DreamStudio’s first class with awesome photographer and teaching artist David Flores. Students were able to experiment with polaroid and digital cameras to capture themselves and life at the DreamYard Art Center.


these are the musical works of the Dream Studio AUDIO DREAMERS! ENJOY!

*note to participants

if using a smartphone & music player does not appear, click on dream_awake icon to go to the Audio Dreamers Soundcloud account.

when saving your sounds, loops, experiments, live jams & compositions in the applications you are using,

please save the file as: “songtitle-myname-applicationused” (the sound file will end as .aiff or mp3)


wanna peep more music from SpazeCraft & The Living Remix Project?

go HERE. 

The amazing DFlo teaching the DreamStudio participants about balance and tripods. Don’t try this at home!!! (JK you can try it at home.)

Student work paired with their inspiration photos.

Day 1 of Digital Photography (Day 9): Our guest teacher Hillary Kolos led the class through a mini workshop on how to take a good photo. We talked about the decisions good photographers make before taking their shots like framing, perspective, focus, and light. Hillary then told each group to pick their favorite photo to recreate somewhere in the DreamYard Art Center.

Check out the next post to see the work from Photo Day 1!

Jose’s work in progress! We love FLAN!

Jose’s work in progress! We love FLAN!

Rafael Villa, This class is too important than the others because hep you so much, I like Graphic Design because i can express myself using draws, finally i learn to make stamps,sketches,color wheels, digital posters and blogs.

Group Members